Patient Information

What to bring to your consultation:

  • A referral from your referring doctor. This is necessary to claim your Medicare rebate.
  • Any relevant X-rays, pathology results or other medical information that may be relevant to the consultation.
  • A list of medications you are taking and any allergies you may have.
  • Your Medicare, Private health fund and Department of Veterans affairs details.
  • New patients should download and complete a New Patient Information form

Preparing for a procedure:

  • Complete relevant paper work and consent forms. This process is usually started during the consultation and may need to be completed later. Many hospitals allow you to complete this paperwork online.
  • Some patients will require a pre admission medical assessment. This applies to patients who are elderly, have co-existing medical conditions or are to undergo a major operation. A practitioner in a dedicated clinic at the hospital where you are to have your procedure will carry this out. This is necessary to identify any issues that may be relevant before you arrive for you procedure.
  • Confirm your admission date and time.  Staff at the doctor's surgery will give an approximate time to arrive at the hospital. Some hospitals will contact you the day before the admission to discuss a more precise time.
  • If you require an anesthetic you will be required to fast for six hours before the procedure. This includes ceasing intake of all solids and liquids.
  • Medications. Please ensure that you have clear instructions on how you manage your regular medications in the period leading up to your procedure. This applies particularly to anticoagulants (medications that thin your blood).
  • On the day of your procedure please arrive at the hospital punctually, and have relevant paperwork, x-rays and pathology tests with you.
  • If your procedure is day surgery, you will be allowed to go home later that day but will not be able to drive your vehicle.  Please ensure that you have arranged a means of getting home with a friend or family member

Information for patient’s sheets

Useful Links

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